SMC-B Landing Pages & Application Portal

Der Kunde

medisign GmbH from Düsseldorf is one of the leading providers of electronic ID cards for medical practices and signature cards in the German healthcare sector.
Its range of products includes cards for electronic health professionals (eHBA) and cards for medical practices (SMC-B) to ensure secure connection of medical practices and pharmacies to the telematics infrastructure (TI), thus laying the foundation for the digitalisation of the healthcare system in Germany.

Unsere Leistungen
  • Design of the business process and development of a digital solution
  • UX design and UI design as well as frontend development for the application portal
  • UX design and UI design, content and development of landing pages on WordPress basis
  • Design and development of a newsletter
  • Design and contents for a print advertising flyer

Die Aufgabe

The medisign GmbH wanted to simplify the administrative processes for the issue of around 100,000 ID cards for health professionals through comprehensibly structured product landing pages and a user-friendly application portal.

The various specifications had to be taken into account: from the online billing of health insurance companies and private physicians to digital laboratory orders and signed e-medical letters.


Unsere Lösung

Sales of over 100,000 electronic cards for medical practices and health professionals thanks to the redesign of landing pages and the application portal of medisign by Freundbild.

After a fundamental analysis and conception by Freundbilds UX design department, the order processes within the website were optimized after the relaunch. Freundbild developed and implemented new landing pages and optimized and simplified the integrated application portal for ordering products (health professional and medical practice ID cards).

This relieved medisigns support team and significantly increased online sales. Through a clear, explanatory UX design, the complex process of digitising doctors' practices and pharmacies were brought closer to the customers in an understandable way, which also greatly simplified customer communication. However, the greatest success was reflected in the sales figures: a total of over 100,000 electronic health professional cards (eHBA) and SMC-B cards have so far been ordered via the medisign portal optimized by Freundbild.

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UX/UI design & frontend development for the SMC-B application portal

Landing pages for every sector in the german healthcare system

UX/UI design and development of the landing pages on Wordpress basis

Online and offline marketing for all sectors

Target group-oriented marketing measures for sales success