International Online Marketing for

Der Kunde

Our client sendvalu is an internationally active financial services company based in Switzerland. And for more than 300,000 customers in around 70 countries to date, sendvalu is the best way to send money to relatives and friends abroad who do not have a bank account. A variety of people, cultures and languages - a matter close to our hearts.

Unsere Leistungen
  • Development and implementation of a holistic online marketing strategy
  • Management consulting, online marketing & definition of KPIs
  • SEO OnPage and OffPage - search engine optimization for the website
  • Content marketing - from editorial plans to company blogs
  • Social media marketing - fanbase development, editorial plans & contents
  • Social media advertising - Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • UX design (user-friendly web design desktop & mobile) of all websites and marketing materials
  • Newsletter marketing for existing customers
  • Tracking and reporting / success control of all measures

Die Aufgabe

The challenge: Online marketing with a great deal of tact and sensitivity.

We had to position and market a product on which existences depend and which is linked to strong emotions. What was needed was an emotional, sensitive tone without slipping into the pathetic. In addition, there were questions such as: What social media channels are used in South America, how do I best reach Russian-speaking people online, or what kind of communication is particularly popular with Nigerians? Religious or cultural peculiarities had to be taken into account as well as linguistic stumbling blocks.

In short: The project was not only about international marketing, but also about worldwide cultural management. With clearly defined goals: Increasing sendvalus brand awareness, traffic on the website, the social media fanbase as well as the conversion rates.


Unsere Lösung

A boost in the global brand awareness, 140,000 Facebook fans, 173% increase in sales via Facebook ads and 99% increase in conversions via newsletter marketing - the online marketing package from Freundbild for sendvalu.

Our marketing master plan for sendvalu: Defining relevant KPIs and the development of an Omnichannel marketing strategy led to an increase in brand awareness, reach and conversions, in particular via SEO (search engine optimization of the website), content marketing, SEA (Facebook & Instagram Ads), development and maintenance of social media presences (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube including video ads) and newsletter marketing.
Ongoing success monitoring and the resulting measures are of course included. We were able to increase the worldwide Facebook fan base from 1,000 to 140,000 fans and increase sales via Facebook ads by 173%. Through weekly newsletter marketing and selected campaigns for specific target groups, sales via e-mail marketing were increased by 99%. Constant branding via social media, ads and SEO resulted in 23% more direct website hits.

Online marketing on all relevant social media channels

Social Media Advertising - Brand presence on Instagram

Increased conversion through continuous branding

Social Media Advertising – Facebook Posts and Ads

Weekly newsletter - tailored to the target group

Newsletter marketing for existing customers