Rudolf Müller Mediengruppe

Product pages relaunch

Der Kunde

The offer of the tradition-rich Cologne media group RM Rudolf Müller consists of 19 trade journals, over 250 specialist books and loose-leaf works, numerous CD-ROMs, DVDs, apps and internet platforms from the fields of planning, construction, real estate and trade marketing.

An essential component of the web shop offer is the distribution of trade media in the construction sector to commercial customers.

Unsere Leistungen
  • UX design and UI design relaunch article detail pages in the webshop
  • UX design and UI design microsites/landingpages
  • Solutions for individual Magento shop developments/components

Die Aufgabe

In order to improve the ranking and reach of the web shop, the product pages were to be optimized. This was of additional importance because the product pages themselves act as landing pages due to the specific target group of the web shop.

Within the project, numerous individual requirements had to be solved – such as the presentation of the various types of products (folders, books, magazines, DVDs, e-books, apps) as well as the associated license purchases.


Unsere Lösung

As a member of the project team, Freundbild has successfully contributed to both the UX design and the solution of individual developments for the Magento webshop, such as overlays, e-book management, unlock codes and others.

The article pages now appear more light and are also mobile-optimized. Important information such as free downloads, product reviews and all variants of the product are placed more prominently, more detailed information can be found in a tab menu at the end of the page.

Due to the thorough revision of the product pages in the online shop, click rates were successfully increased.

A wind of change for the webshop of Rudolf Müller Verlag

Sales increase via new article detail pages

UX optimization of the online shop

Mobile usability and prioritization of information

Extensions for shop system Magento

UX design and prototyping