Wirtschaftsförderung Krefeld

Launch of digital gateway for entrepreneus startkrefeld.de

Der Kunde

The Wirtschaftsförderung Krefeld (Krefeld's office of economic development) is the competent contact for all questions concerning the business location Krefeld. It advises local companies, investors and start-ups in our velvet and silk city, helps with industry networks, and arranges & leases commercial properties. The WFG also regularly initiates (digital) projects to increase the attractiveness of Krefeld as a business location - such as the startkrefeld.de start-up portal, which Freundbild was allowed to design, produce and develop

Unsere Leistungen
  • Concept development for the founder portal
  • Branding from naming to slogan & illustrations of the mascot
  • UX/UI design of all pages
  • Content production and editing of success stories from Krefeld
  • Design & Contents for Flyer and POS advertising material
  • Marketing Strategy & Contents

Die Aufgabe

The city of Krefeld wanted an online platform for business start-ups with an attractive and user-friendly UX design. At www.startkrefeld.de, all information on the topic of "self-employment and starting a business in Krefeld" was to be collected centrally in a simple, clear and effective way. And to be played out for the user in such a way that he finds exactly what he is looking for - from business plans to subsidies. It should also be possible to book a consultation appointment online with the Krefeld Economic Development Agency and its partners.

As a marketing agency, Freundbild was also entrusted with the task of producing various successful portraits of founders in Krefeld and marketing the founder portal in an appealing and target-group-oriented manner - both online and offline.


Unsere Lösung

Why shouldn't young founders reach for the stars from Krefeld? startkrefeld.de helps them take off - starting with the design. The symbol for the self-employed is a little astronaut. He takes the user by the hand and navigates him very user-friendly through the simple and self-explanatory filter navigation. The user selects which stage of the start-up he is in, what he is looking for and in which industry he wants to land - and the spacy search function only spits out the articles and information that are relevant to him. Naturally, everything is responsively optimized for fast information search via smartphone.

In the well-structured guide you will find all the information you need to set up your business - step by step from brainstorming to marketing & sales. In addition, the founder portal lists all relevant events for self-employed people in Krefeld and the surrounding area. And in the network, they can connect with like-minded people and make valuable contacts in their region. Anyone who would like advice can easily arrange a consultation appointment with experts in their sector within 2 minutes online. All according to the slogan: "Do what you love: Start your business in Krefeld.

After only few months production time the new portal www.startkrefeld.de could be launched under a positive, regional press response. Krefeld's mayor, Frank Meyer, has high hopes for the website. startkrefeld.de is intended to further strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in the city - because: "An active entrepreneurial scene brings not only economic perspectives, but also a fresh spirit to the city".

UX-Design of founding portal

Here the self-employed immediately find what they are looking for

Illustrations with recognition value

Takeoff with unmistakable companions

Integration of online appointment booking

Uncomplicated scheduling of online consultation appointments at any time